Thriving Overseas

For families and singles planning on a cross-cultural move, CIT’s Equipping class offers practical tools for surviving and thriving overseas. With its highly experienced facilitators, salient topics, children’s program, Christ-centered and community focus, this course prepares adults and children for life in a foreign context.

Helping our Kids

Childcare was great. I appreciated all the classes did to help the kids be better prepared for what is ahead. They loved their classes and their teachers. I appreciated the communication we received about what was being taught, how the kids were doing and what areas needed growth.

Prepared to Move

I had always been nervous about moving to another country and learning a new culture. After going through the Equipping class at CIT, I know that I am ready and prepared to move and begin my ministry in another country. I believe that anyone moving cross-culturally should take this course.

Wanting More

Having been through other training conducted by large international companies, I found the CIT training to be well-structured, taught well by experts in their topics, and peppered with great simulations and exercises. CIT left me wanting more, instead of thinking it was a waste of any of my time, which I have felt about other…

life-long friends

We came somewhat reluctantly (we had worked cross-culturally a number of times previously) and by the end of the first day knew that our lives were about to change for the better. Not only was our view of culture, faith, ministry and ourselves challenged and re-shaped into something God could use more effectively, we also…


The ability to walk with and do life with a group of people who are all going through the same process and have people who know what you’re going through, can talk to, cry with, and rejoice with is invaluable and that is just a small part of what happens at CIT.

Heart of the Missionary

This course was purely optional for us, but I in no way regret it. It feel like there was so much I did not know until now. Now I realize how much I need to enter my field with humility and focus on being a learner and observer. To sum up my experience: enlightening. CIT…

Been Equipped

I have a big concern for missionary attrition because Iím part of that statistic. My first time out fulltime ended in failure. Now I feel like I have been equipped with resources to help us navigate almost any situation. We’ve also been grounded in theology and the gospel as a strong foundation. May the Holy…

Top Notch

The equipping course was top-notch and the instructors are extremely well-versed and experienced. We were very impressed with the childrenís program and how intentional it was to equip our kids. We can’t say enough about what a high quality program CIT was. We wish our entire church could go through the training. The community living…