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Ministry Opportunities

For missionaries, in the midst of transitions, it can be confusing and met with a lot of unanswered questions- work? house? school? etc. You still have a passion/interest for the global work God is doing around the world and want to continue to make an impact in the world of missions.

At CIT we understand that. All of our training staff and many of our support staff have served overseas. If you feel that God may be prompting you to continue to use your gifts to prepare and support missionaries around the globe then perhaps there is a stateside role for you at CIT.

Residential Training Staff in North Carolina

At CIT, training is more than a talking head who dispenses information. Our trainers, called facilitators, are meaningfully involved with participants every step of the way through adult learning principles. We are looking for both female and male facilitators who have had field experience and have processed that experience well. Once approved, facilitators go through training to ensure that they are comfortable and competent with CIT’s training content. These facilitators need to relocate to CIT in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains as fulltime workers and require self-support.

Each of our facilitating staff are with or seconded from various mission agencies. That means they are able to remain connected to the agency with whom they served overseas and are effectively on loan to CIT. In some situations, we have added staff who changed agencies so that they would be able to serve at CIT.

Support Staff in North Carolina

CIT’s support staff are top notch. Support areas include office, IT, food service, housing, facilities maintenance, youth and childcare workers, audio-video production, and public relations. Generally, we prefer these positions to have self-support, but a few positions are paid by CIT.  These positions are also open to seconded individuals.

CIT Next- Online Training

Ministry opportunities include online course creators, subject matter experts, training materials creator, and online course facilitators. These positions also require self-support and are considered “work-from-anywhere.

CIT Global: all positions require self-support

Regional Coordinators

Coordinates CIT global activities including trainings, partnership development and communication in the region. This person also serves to represent the interests of CIT Global in the region. This position ranges from a few hours to full time depending on the region.

Field Coordinators: 

Works with a national partner to determine training needs and work with them to develop an effective training program. This can be done virtually.

Non-English Online Course Developers:

Contextualizing Next courses and developing new courses to serve the non-English speaking cross cultural workers.

Non-English Online Facilitators:

Facilitating CIT Global online courses. This requires a high-level language ability in the language of the course. Currently there is a need for Spanish facilitators.[

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Over the years we have learned that God calls people to continue to live out their calling or follow a new path through CIT. If you think you have what it takes to equip and impact those serving abroad then we want to talk with you.

Please indicate your interest by contacting us via email at, phone (828.287.8996), or through our website. We look forward to talking with you and seeing how the Lord may allow you to keep connected to your calling through the ministries of CIT.

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