Attitudes, Tools, Ideas

Anxious about learning a language? Confident about language learning? You need to come to SLA. We have been given attitudes, tools, and ideas that will set us up for healthy, sustainable language and culture learning in our destination country.


CIT has been incredible in helping us to debrief and readjust to our home culture. This experience has helped to process our time on the field. We are ever grateful for this opportunity.

Save Environment

Coming to the Debrief Retreat will give you a space to feel normal around people who have the same experiences. You will be able to share your story in a safe environment, which will help you deal with your difficult experiences, close your chapter and move on.

Moving Forward

CIT Debrief provided the time, space, and opportunity to reflect on my cross-cultural experiences and process them well with the purpose of moving forward, wherever and however God calls me in the future.

Children Program

I absolutely loved the children’s program. It was excellent. The boys really enjoyed attending. They are now speaking about our country and they have learned their verses! Great!

Worth Every Penny

When we found out that we were going to CIT, we began asking our friends who had gone through the course about their experiences. We heard nothing but good things. Our expectations were pretty high. CIT didn’t just meet our expectations, it surpassed them. The program is centered around the heart of the missionary and…