CIT Course Prices

CIT Course Pricing for 2024


Adult:      $2,345.00
YIT:          $1,430.00
KIT:          $1,430.00
Pre-KIT:   $1,185.00
Nursery:  $880.00

Language Learning Accelerator

Adult:      $1,560.00
YIT:             $875.00
KIT:             $875.00
Pre-KIT:      $585.00
Nursery:     $420.00


Adult:       $815.00
YIT:          $655.00
KIT:          $655.00
Pre-KIT:   $535.00
Nursery:  $435.00


Adult:       $665.00
YIT:          $440.00
KIT:          $425.00
Pre-KIT:   $380.00
Nursery:  $320.00

Field Security Seminar

Adult:      $1040.00

About the CIT Campus

CIT is situated on a 28 acre campus in western North Carolina approximately 50 miles east of Asheville, NC.

The property includes dormitories and apartments for participants, a cafeteria, a recreation center, a fitness center, and an education center. The classrooms are equipped with up to date technology and the living quarters are fully furnished and equipped.

Other amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, picnic shelter with fire pit, playground equipment and wireless internet service on the entire campus.

Housing Prices
for 2024

Boyer (Apartments)

Monthly:     $   895.00
Weekly:       $.  290.00
Daily:           Also Available

Sorenson (Dorms)

Monthly:     $.   415-595
Weekly:       $.   140-190
Daily:           Also Available

Please describe your housing needs in the Comments section of your registration form

Boyer Apartments

The Boyer Apartment building is home to 10 two-bedroom apartments which are suitable for families with two–four children and couples. These apartments are fully furnished and equipped with heat and air conditioning. Rent includes all utilities and wifi. A laundry building is located nearby.

Sorenson Dorms

Sorensen Hall dormitory is available for singles, couples, and families with four or more children. Families are assigned a suite of rooms according to need with a kitchen and dining-living area. Kitchen facilities are on each wing as well as a central laundry facility area. These facilities are also furnished with heat and air conditioning units, and bath and shower facilities for men and women.