CIT Course Prices

2024 Course Prices


Adult:      $2,345.00
YIT:          $1,430.00
KIT:          $1,430.00
Pre-KIT:   $1,185.00
Nursery:  $880.00

Language Learning Accelerator

Adult:      $1,560.00
YIT:             $875.00
KIT:             $875.00
Pre-KIT:      $585.00
Nursery:     $420.00


Adult:       $815.00
YIT:          $655.00
KIT:          $655.00
Pre-KIT:   $535.00
Nursery:  $435.00


Adult:       $665.00
YIT:          $440.00
KIT:          $425.00
Pre-KIT:   $380.00
Nursery:  $320.00

Field Security Seminar

Adult:      $1040.00

2024 Housing Prices

Boyer (Apartments)

Monthly:     $   895.00
Weekly:       $.  290.00
Daily:           Also Available

The Boyer Apartment building is home to 10 two-bedroom apartments which are suitable for families with two–four children and couples. These apartments are fully furnished and equipped with heat and air conditioning. Rent includes all utilities and wifi. A laundry building is located nearby.

Please describe your housing needs in the Comments section of your registration form

Sorenson (Dorms)

Monthly:     $.   415-595
Weekly:       $.   140-190
Daily:           Also Available

Sorensen Hall dormitory is available for singles, couples, and families with four or more children. Families are assigned a suite of rooms according to need with a kitchen and dining-living area. Kitchen facilities are on each wing as well as a central laundry facility area. These facilities are also furnished with heat and air conditioning units, and bath and shower facilities for men and women.

About the CIT Campus:

CIT is situated on a 28-acre campus in western North Carolina approximately 50 miles east of Asheville, NC.

The property includes dormitories and apartments for participants, a cafeteria, a recreation center, a fitness center, and an education center. The classrooms are equipped with up-to-date technology and the living quarters are fully furnished and equipped.

Other amenities include: a picnic shelter with fire pit, community center, playground equipment and wireless internet service on the entire campus.