Become a more effective cross-cultural servant

At the Center for Intercultural Training, receive strategic missionary training on how to transition to new cultures, overcome the unique challenges of living overseas, and help prepare hearts for the Gospel

Cultural Training

Learn essential principles of cross-cultural communication and transition that will help you not just to survive, but to thrive.​

Community Building

Meet people in similar life situations who can share in your journey and walk with you during your transitions.

Spiritual Formation

Develop a robust spiritual awareness that will prepare you for the unique challenges that come with a cross-cultural life.

Do I really need missionary training?

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or haven’t yet boarded your first plane, training can benefit your ministry in many ways — culturally, relationally, and spiritually. At CIT, discover aspects of your own worldview that you may not be aware of and receive the training you need to help your ministry and family thrive through all your transitions across cultures.

Residential Courses


In this pre-field training course, learn principles of cross-cultural communication in order to share the Gospel more effectively.
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Language Learning Accelerator

Formerly known as Second Language Acquisition: Learn the methods, phonetics techniques, and attitudes needed to learn a new language.
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Kids Program

Each residential course at CIT offers a children’s program that mirrors the adult courses in an age-appropriate way for infants to teenagers.
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Engage Retreat

Through the gospel we are called to a renewal of heart and mind, a life being transformed that we may become more like Christ and imitate His ways of loving, serving and leading.
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Debrief Retreat

As you return from the mission field, experience a week of processing and re-entry training hosted by our team of experienced facilitators.
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Security Seminar

The Field Security Seminar (FSS) is a field-based training program for faith-based staff living, traveling, and working in higher risk environments around the globe.
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Trusted by our partners across the globe

“My husband and I came to CIT because we 'had' to. Before CIT we had received some training, but none of it compared to this. I think all people moving overseas NEED to attend Pre- Field Equipping Training at CIT! We will never be the same after our time here.”

V.C. — India

“CIT provided such a rich and valuable experience and education for my entire family. The staff is incredible and so passionate about reaching the nations. Thank you to all at CIT!”

R.S. — Haiti