Covid 19 Response

The past months have brought extraordinary changes to all of our lives. Our ongoing desire is to offer life-changing programs in an environment which will be safe, protecting the lives of participants and staff alike. As understanding of COVID-19 continues to grow, we are actively monitoring our local situation and complying with the guidelines provided by the national, state, and local governments in an effort to offer our programs in an effective and safe manner.

Preparing you for strategic and effective cross-cultural ministry.

CIT is three distinct areas which are unified by a common goal of cross-cultural training:

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Why Attend CIT?

Cross-Cultural Equipping

Second Language Acquisition

Children and Youth Program

Debrief Retreat

Upcoming Terms

Summer I Debrief Retreat:  June 21-26, 2020

Summer I Equipping: June 28- July 24, 2020

Summer I & II SLA: July 26 – Aug 7, 2020

Summer II Equipping: Aug 9 – Sept 4, 2020

Fall Debrief Retreat: Sept 13 – Sept 18, 2020

Fall Equipping: Oct 4 – Oct 30, 2020

The “Engage Retreat” is offered by United World Mission a partner of CIT

Through the gospel we are called to a renewal of heart and mind, a life being transformed that we may become more like Christ and imitate His ways of loving, serving and leading. It is an invitation to a life intertwined with the heart of God for the world, an authentically missional life in which ministry flows out of being.

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