Upcoming Terms

Fall Debrief: Sept 13 – Sept 18, 2020

Fall Equipping: Oct 4 – Oct 30, 2020

Fall SLA: Nov 1 – Nov 13, 2020

Winter Debrief: Dec 6 – Dec 11, 2020

Winter Equip: Jan 10 – Feb 5, 2021

Winter SLA: Feb 7 – Feb 19, 2021

Spring Equip: Mar 14 – Apr 9, 2021

Spring SLA: Apr 11 – Apr 23, 2021

Spring Debrief: May 2 – May 7, 2021

What We Do

CIT prepares you to survive and succeed in a cross-cultural environment


Why Come Here

Discover what you didn’t know you were missing as you prepare for your new life


How We Do It

Gain perspective from your fellow participants and facilitators that have been there

Experience CIT

CIT is a partnership of missional agencies, churches and organizations dedicated to training and equipping cross-cultural workers and their families for cross-cultural ministry.

Participants attend courses at CITʼs 28 acre campus located near the mountains of western North Carolina. The quiet campus provides the ideal environment to build cross-cultural awareness and skills in a community-based learning environment.