Field Security Seminar

The Field Security Seminar (FSS) is a field-based training program for faith-based staff living, traveling and working in higher risk environments around the globe.
The standard FSS is three day long. Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and counter-act basic and advanced surveillance
  • Develop situational and environmental awareness
  • Understand the dynamics of landmines and IEDs
  • Manage and survive violent encounters and active shooters
  • Survive a hostage event
  • Manage interrogations
  • Exercise leadership in field emergencies
  • Counter the pre-attack phase of the terrorism cycle
  • Manage convoys and associated communications
  • Manage checkpoints
  • Survive vehicle ambushes
  • Manage one’s personal and online profile

Discussion groups, case studies and outdoor exercises are used extensively.

Recommended participants include any worker (humanitarian or aid worker or other faith-based, cross-cultural worker) who lives or intends to live or travel to a higher risk environment, particularly one with a the threat of attacks, terrorism, hostage-taking or serious crime.

Please contact Debbie Wagner at with any questions.