Why Choose CIT (Center for Intercultural Training)

CIT has been training cross-cultural workers since 1998 and we are committed to providing practical training that will help them make a difference where they serve.

“CIT is without peers, in my estimation, for they understand adult-learning in ways that few others seem to see the need to.”

Mark Wenger, Executive Director
Reach Across

Our Team

Our staff makes our cross- cultural training, unique, God-oriented, community oriented and set to your personal learning style.

Our multi-agency training team boasts an average of 18 years of hands-on experience in the field. It includes five staff members with doctoral degrees, seventeen with master’s degrees, eleven who have held director-level positions during their field service, and others with specialized skills such as IT and nursing. This dedicated team grasps the practical requirements of cross-cultural workers and their families, working as a unit to foster trainees’ spiritual growth and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for flourishing in diverse cultures.

Our Training Philosophy

At CIT, we embrace the use of technology in training, yet have come to realize that internet-only training does not fully meet the needs of cross-cultural workers. Our strong conviction is that while the internet can deliver great information it is not God’s tool for transformation. 1 Corinthians 8:1 reminds us that “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” Our conviction is that many critical elements needed for a cross-cultural worker to be successful in a new culture are best delivered in a life-on-life environment.

Download “Benefits of In-Person Learning” PDF

With that in mind, two core courses, ‘Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry’ and the ‘Language Learning Accelerator (LLA),’ are offered in a hybrid format. This means they blend online and in-person elements to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, these hybrid courses include optional self-paced online modules that can be completed after cross-cultural workers have arrived on the field. These modules help new workers apply their CIT training to real-world situations.

“CIT’s Equipping Training has helped us know how to coach our candidates better before and after going on the field. “

Crystal Reitsma
Long Term Missions Administrator
Adventures in Missions

Our Content

We currently offer five modules which enable agency leaders to guide personnel to the right content for their needs. All courses use adult learning techniques and engage participants on spiritual, intellectual, social, and practical planes.

Our TCK Team

Critical to the families thriving on the field is the healthy adjustment of every member of the family. While mom and dad are in class, our TCK training team works with the children to provide age-specific parallel training to the content of the adult program thus allowing even the youngest family members to be engaged in the transitions ahead.

Find Out More

CIT does not have salespeople so if you have specific questions, would like to receive occasional mailings, or like to learn more about CIT’s programs from people with a heart to see cross-cultural workers thrive tell us how to reach you and we will get back to you.