Article: April 2024

The difference is depth.

As you prepare for your ministry overseas, you probably have done your fair share of research. You have compared the pros and cons of online vs. in-person pre-field training. On the one hand, online is quick and may be cost effective. It may be informative, but it is also set in isolation; it is only you and a computer. There may be a few discussion boards, but it lacks the depth found in community with others that in-person training provides.

God created us for community:Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness’  (Genesis 1:26). God has given us all this ministry: “Therefore, having this ministry by the mercy of God, we do not lose heart.” (2 Corinthians 4:1). Ministry is not designed to be in isolation, either. Ministry in community keeps us accountable and rooted in Christ. Ministry in community keeps our eyes on what God is doing.

Testimony from a Pre-Field Training Participant:

“I am very glad we did our pre-field training in person at CIT. They helped provide a framework for our expectations entering the mission field. My ‘Heart of a Servant’ workbook has a prominent space on our small bookshelf, and I keep my ‘Snapshot Cards’ with my Bible because I consider them precious resources on the field.

I can look back on our time at CIT and see the importance of the lessons taught by the CIT facilitators and the community I found in our class. The Facilitator’s wisdom came from a deep and profound place of personal experience. The stories and insight were a beautiful glimpse of joy and grief experienced on the field. Thank you for your courage to share your story with others.”

 -2023 CIT Pre- Field (Equipping) Training Participant 

In-person training helps you go the distance.

Ministry overseas is not a sprint. It is a marathon that requires time and dedication to your training. You can train on your own for a marathon; however, if you train with others, the celebration that is shared with them when you cross the finish line together is truly abundant and joyous.  

Those who attend in-person pre-field training, such as CIT’s Equipping course, meet in small groups, share struggles and learn from each other through sharing stories. This training also brings you alongside facilitators who have been through similar situations on the field. They share wisdom and guidance and help you think through things ahead of time. Facilitators who are rooting and cheering for you to successful. You will have the opportunity to connect with people and make friends that will last a lifetime across the world. Commit today to train with others who are running in the same race with in-person pre-field training.