Article: April 2024

Is it worth the time and money?

If your child is excited to spend time at the pool this summer but does not have the skills or experience of swimming, would you let them run and jump into the deep end? Even though they have never taken a single swimming lesson and they insist that they know how to swim, would you let them jump in and hope for the best? Of course not! The same concept can be applied to the mission field. 

My husband and I thought we knew what we were getting into when we left for the mission field. We read the books and we had ‘our plan.’ However, the moment we stepped off the plane, ‘our plan’ went off the rails. We encountered unmet expectations of the culture, conflict, and physical and emotional stress, without knowing how to make sense of it all. We had passion and zeal for the mission field, but no training to successfully navigate the challenges. Our sending organization had no idea what to do and we were drowning. We were young, naïve, optimistic, and not equipped. 

Now that we have been at CIT, we have learned how to cope with the unique stresses of moving overseas and have the tools to navigate our transitions into another country. We can identify and manage our expectations for our cross-cultural adjustment. We know how to manage boundaries to maintain a healthy marriage, as well as help our young kids develop healthily at each stage. We know and understand culture shock, its causes, its effects on relationships, and ways to cope with the effects before reentering the mission field.”  

-2024 CIT Participant  

The Answer is... YES!

This testimony is not unique. It is a common experience for manyindividuals and families who leave for the mission field unprepared and unequipped. Not only does pre-field training give you the tools to follow your calling into the mission field, but it also connects you with a community. You will learn with other missionaries with similar struggles, fears and hopes. Pre-field training also partners you with experienced facilitators who are invested in your personal and spiritual growth. Yes, pre-field training takes time and money, but it is an investment that will greatly benefit your effectiveness in cross-cultural ministry. Pre-field training gives you the skills and practical experience before you leave for the mission field, so you can jump in and start swimming.