1. A security deposit will be required which will be refunded after the event if no damages have been incurred.

2. Facilities will be left in the same condition in which they were found.

3. All trash and food will be removed from the building and properly disposed of.

4. We recycle glass, cans, plastic, cardboard in bins by dumpster.

5.  No fats, oils, grease, medications or chemicals, diapers, or feminine items are
to be put into the drains or toilets per state regulations. These should all be
disposed of in the dumpster outside of the cafeteria.

6. Use of the campus is limited to the areas agreed upon.

7. Use of alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances, and firearms is strictly prohibited
on the entire campus.

8. All lights, appliances, heat or A/C should be turned off and doors locked upon

9. Children must be supervised at all times.

10. Any broken equipment or furniture should be reported to the event coordinator.

11. If kitchen is used, all items will be washed and put away properly.