Exploring Cultures for Preschool & Elementary Age (Pre-KIT, KIT)
Accompanies the Adult Course – Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life & Ministry. Children will learn to enjoy different cultures in an exciting, hands-on environment.

Equip for Teens (E.T.)

This program is for older youth and teens and provides a study of cultures and issues of transition for TCK’s.

The Sounds of Language

Accompanies the Adult Course – Second Language Acquisition . Children will acquire skills needed to assist them in language learning in this fun, interactive course.

Second Language Acquisition for Teens (S.L.A.T.)

This course offers learning and applying skills of language learning including phonetics drills and working with a language helper.


Age                           SLA                     Equipping  

0-2                             $330                            $670

3-5                             $460                            $910

6-9                             $675                           $1,095

10-up                        $700                             $1,095    

Debrief Retreat
0-2: $330
3-6: $410
7-12: $485