“We LOVED it there!!! The fellowship with other missionaries resulted in friendships that continue to this day. Their childcare workers are great and our son was very comfortable there. And the cross-cultural training was so much more in depth and practical than anything we had studied in the past. The lessons we learned at CIT we still talk about sometimes. And we can’t say enough about the study of the Gospel. We have jokingly referred to our study of the Gospel at CIT as “getting saved a second time” it was so what we needed at the time and what we continue to remind ourselves now on the field. We feel that CITs emphasis on telling you all the¬†stuff about culture shock really gave us realistic expectations and we experienced the phases of culture shock almost exactly as they described. We know that our time at CIT was invaluable and really gave us the tools we have needed to be on the field.”–S.H.