Each module carries with it a different schedule. However, most modules go from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm with an hour and fifteen minute break for lunch.

Overall, you will have a moderate amount of homework even over the weekends. You will need to read several books as well as numerous articles. There will be 2 page reflection papers assigned on various topics throughout the classes.

CIT has two  apartments that can house a family with four children. In one apartment, the extra bedroom is equipped with two twin-sized bunkbeds. With a small crib, it could also house five children. The other apartment has 3 bedrooms.

CIT also has some housing arrangements possible in the Sorensen Dormitory for large families with older children or groups with multiple large families. Contact CIT at the time of your registration for more specifics.

Each of the Boyer  apartments are two-bedroom apartments, though some are larger than others, ranging in size from 600-800 sq. feet.

Few missionaries living cross-culturally will live in accommodations similar to what they are used to in the States. This transition (among others) is one of the biggest hurdles for families to overcome in living in another culture. We have sought to create an atmosphere that has many of the conveniences most Americans are used to but is slightly tighter than perhaps they are accustomed to…at the same time centered in the protective bubble of an English-speaking community and trainers who have “been there” to assist and guide you through the process.

While CIT does not keep many toys for children (except in our Childcare room), we do have three playgrounds available for children to play on. One is beside the Childcare wing (and is used exclusively for children in Childcare during Childcare hours.) Another is behind the Boyer Apartment building and the other is behind the Sorensen Dormitory.

In the summertime, however, children typically leave the playground equipment behind to splash and play in the CIT swimming pool!

The Boyer Apartment building’s main “Common Room” area and the Student Center each have a television and a VCR/DVD player for participants’ use. However, CIT does not supply televisions or VDR/DVD equipment to individual dwellings.

We are unable to allow pets in any of our accommodations.

CIT has campus-wide wireless internet service available for CIT participants/staff only. There are no public phones in the housing or common areas.

There are three laundry facilities on the CIT campus. One is adjacent to the Boyer Apartment building, another is on the lower level of the Sorensen Dormitory, and there is one in the basement of the Triplex apartments. Use of these facilities is free to CIT participants. You’ll need to provide your own detergent, etc.

No, you will need to bring your own bed and bath linens which would include towels, wash cloths, bed sheets, pillow cases. The following will be provided in the apartment: kitchen linens, pillows, blankets, mattress covers, bedspreads.

If you are flying to CIT or have a specific need, we will make linens available for your use here. Please contact us with any questions.