Debrief Retreat

As a cross-cultural worker, you belong to a small group of people for whom change is an even larger part of their lives than it is for others. The issue, however, is not the change in and of itself, it is how we deal with change. Some of us ignore it and become outdated, others resent and oppose it and become hardened, and others, believe it or not, thrive on it.

A significant area and time of change is the time in which you come back to North America for whatever reason. You may be coming on Home Ministry, or you may be returning to retire, or to transition into a new phase of life and ministry here. Whatever the reason, many things will have changed: the people and places you knew, the customs you remember, the types of cereal you bought, the songs they sang in your church, and … even … YOU!

The debrief week is designed to give you time and opportunity to share your life and ministry and to think through the issues and challenges, but also the joys of change and transition.

Spring 2020
Feb 23, 2020 thru Feb 28, 2020
Summer 2020
Jun 21, 2020 thru Jun 26, 2020
Fall 2020
Sep 13, 2020 thru Sep 18, 2020
Winter 2020
Dec 6, 2020 thru Dec 11, 2020