What other expenses can I expect?

Some of the other expenses that are common to CIT participants (in addition to food) are copier usage fees, CIT vehicle usage, and additional books that are not required as part of a class but recommended by an instructor.

How much can I expect my books & materials to be?

The cost of tuition includes the books and materials required for any particular module. Sometimes participants will elect to purchase optional books and materials that some instructors make available which would be an added cost to the course.

Can you bill my agency directly for the tuition?

Absolutely! Please be sure to give us the information on your registration form on who your contact person is (if there is someone who needs to approve your invoices) and the mailing address where it needs to be sent.

Our general procedure is to give you a copy of your invoice to approve after you arrive so that if there are any errors they can be corrected before sending the invoice on to your agency.

Can you bill my agency directly for the registration fee?

Yes, and if you need an invoice for your registration fee, just contact us and we’ll be happy to take care of that for you.

Do you accept credit cards?

As a general practice, we do not accept credit cards as payment for the main invoice. However, we do accept them for the registration fee if that is preferred. When we receive your registration form, you will receive an email usually within a day or two with payment options and instructions for the online payment option.

How do I pay my bill?

We currently have two ways for you to pay your bill. The first is to pay by cash, check, or money order. Secondly, we can invoice your church or sending agency for your expenses while at CIT. If for some reason your church or sending agency denies payment of your invoice, you will be responsible to make arrangements for paying your bill.
When is my bill due for the courses I’m taking at CIT?

Your registration deposit is due as soon as possible after registration. You will receive an invoice either upon your arrival or within the first few days of class for your projected fees (including housing) which is payable (either by the participant or agency) at the beginning of the term.