What will my mailing address be while at CIT?

Your MAILING address (that which utilizes the United States Postal Service) will be:

c/o CIT

P.O. Box 250
Union Mills NC 28167

For ground shipping (that which utilizes UPS, FedEx, etc.), the physical address for CIT (please do NOT use this for USPS mailing) is:

c/o CIT
6494 Hudlow Rd.
Union Mills NC 28167

Where exactly IS Union Mills?

Union Mills is a very small community located approximately 12 miles south of I-40 (exit 85) on Hwy. 221. We’re south of Marion, North Carolina and north of Rutherfordton, North Carolina…east and south of Asheville and west of Charlotte. For more specific directions, click here.

How far is it to the nearest grocery store?

There are several grocery stores in the surrounding area of the CIT campus. There is a Dollar General 8-10 minutes away.Larger grocery stores are within 20-25 minutes driving time.
Is there any hiking nearby?

If you love to hike, backpack, or even fish, you will love the many trails in the Blue
Ridge Mountains. Linville Falls and Linville Gorge, Chimney Rock, Grandfather Mountain, and Mount Mitchell are just a few of the many places with trails in the area that wind through the countryside. More information on these and other areas of interest can be found in the CIT Administration building.

What can I expect weather and temperature-wise at CIT?

In Union Mills, North Carolina, we enjoy four very distinct seasons. The extremes of winter and summer are often mild compared to the higher elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains as we are located in the foothills known as the Isothermal Valley.

Winter temperatures are cool with mid-day highs ranging from upper 40s to the lower 60s. Snow and ice are not uncommon but are generally sporadic and short lived.

Summer months are warm and on the humid side. High temps ranging from the mid to upper 80s to the mid 90s.

Spring and fall are somewhere in between. Autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains is always a beautiful time of year as the trees change into spectacular colors making the mountainsides a breathtaking panorama.

Is there a dress code or style at CIT?

We enjoy a very casual atmosphere at CIT. During the warmer months, participants often wear modest shorts. One-piece bathing suits are appropriate for swimming.

How is CIT different from other missionary training programs?

Many training programs focus on either the Messenger, the Community, or the Message…or a combination. CIT focuses on these as well, but we spend a good bit of time also focusing on the Receiver. Our philosophy is that you can culturally prepare the family and have a theologically sound message, but if you don’t thoroughly understand your Receiver and have a strategic plan to successfully penetrate their culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you are only partially prepared.

To that end, part of our training focuses on:

Cultural Understanding

Cultural Analysis

Exposure to your church of destination

Tools for strategic cultural entry and effective ministry

Community Care:

Community living to reinforce training

History giving and life mapping

Family friendly
CIT is a great place for families with a campus devoted to making the family’s transition to cross-cultural ministry as smooth as possible.

Place of transition

Countless participants have told us that this campus and surrounding area has been a wonderful place that God has used to prepare them for the transition to overseas living.

Rural setting
This type of location helps to provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of life which helps students to focus on why they are here.

Have more questions? Give us a call at 800.887.1786 or email us and we will be happy to help however we can.