What if I have a large family?

CIT has two apartments that can house a family with four children. In one apartment, the extra bedroom is equipped with two twin-sized bunkbeds. With a small crib, it could also house five children. The other apartment has 3 bedrooms.

CIT also has some housing arrangements possible in the Sorensen Dormitory for large families with older children or groups with multiple large families. Contact CIT at the time of your registration for more specifics.

Is there a playground for my children?

While CIT does not keep many toys for children (except in our Childcare room), we do have three playgrounds available for children to play on. One is beside the Childcare wing (and is used exclusively for children in Childcare during Childcare hours.) Another is behind the Boyer Apartment building and the other is behind the Sorensen Dormitory.

In the summertime, however, children typically leave the playground equipment behind to splash and play in the CIT swimming pool!

What about childcare?

We have a strong commitment to family and children here at CIT. You can read about our children’s program in general here.

We provide childcare for our students with small children. For the older children we run three programs called Pre-KIT (Pre-K Kid’s Intercultural Training, KIT (Kid’s Intercultural Training) and YIT (Youth Intercultural Training) during the Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry and the Second Language Acquisition modules. Click on the links above for more detailed information.

What about school work for my kids?

Homeschooling: Many families who come to CIT home school their children. However, trying to continue homeschooling during the CIT session is highly discouraged because it has proven to put a very heavy load on both parents and children (who are in their own cross-cultural training during the day.)

However, we have built into our kids’ class schedule 1 hour for home-school work each day with the exception of the summer terms. With this in mind, please plan to send work to class each day with your child. This is for the students in the YIT and KIT program only.Parents provide their own curriculum.