What do we do for meals while we are at CIT?

The first Sunday night of Equipping and SLA, dinner is provided. Three lunches per week are provided in the cafeteria for community building.

During Engage Retreat and Debrief Retreat, all lunches are provided during the week and some dinners.

All other meals are the responsibility of the participant. Note that all of CIT accommodations have fully-equipped kitchens for meal preparation.

How far is it to the nearest grocery store?

There are several grocery stores in the surrounding area of the CIT campus. There is a Dollar General 8-10 minutes away.Larger grocery stores are within 20-25 minutes driving time.

Is there any hiking nearby?

If you love to hike, backpack, or even fish, you will love the many trails in the Blue
Ridge Mountains. Linville Falls and Linville Gorge, Chimney Rock, Grandfather Mountain, and Mount Mitchell are just a few of the many places with trails in the area that wind through the countryside. More information on these and other areas of interest can be found in the CIT Administration building.

Is there a dress code or style at CIT?

We enjoy a very casual atmosphere at CIT. During the warmer months, participants often wear modest shorts. One-piece bathing suits are appropriate for swimming.

Will I be free on weekends?

Classes do not formally meet on the weekends. However, we strongly advise participants against making weekend plans away from CIT during their training time here because the workload can be heavy enough that the stress on the individual and especially a family is significant. The pace here at CIT, while slowed from the ordinary rat-race of stateside living, is steady and saturated with learning new information (your mind will be tired!)—you will need the weekend to rest for the next week’s module. Support development is almost always a major distraction from training and we strongly discourage it while you are here. What down time you do have, we recommend you use for physical and spiritual refreshment.

Note: From a former CIT participant several years ago who spent most weekends away doing support development: At the end of the term he told us, “Tell any future CIT participant that comes through here NOT to try to do support raising while at CIT. It was hard on me, it was hard on my wife, it was hard on our family life, and it was hard on my learning. And it wasn’t worth it. Tell them not to do it!”