CIT Values

Reliance Reliance on God and the work of the Holy Spirit is essential to heart transformation resulting in effective ministry
Partnering Working together as individuals and organizations models Kingdom values
Trust Trust is built on esteeming one another, servant attitudes, open communication, loving relationships and shared values
Respect Each participant, organization, partner and staff member has value and is treated with respect
Community Offers integration of learning for the whole person and family through life-on-life relationships in community
Staff Staff embodies the curriculum therefore calling, character, and experience are essential
Improvement Continued and sustained improvement in staffing, program, and facilities are ongoing
Volunteers Values and depends upon volunteers who invest their time, talents, and money
Fiscally Responsible Operates within a break-even status with monies spent based on available resources
Spiritual Formation Emphasis on spiritual resources available in Christ and the gospel leads to ongoing heart transformation, grateful worship and a fruitful life and ministry
Age-Appropriate Learning Principles Learning is highly reflective, relational, participative and interactive in a safe and encouraging environment for all age levels
Integration Biblical, missiological, personal and spiritual dynamics are integrated throughout the curriculum
Appropriate Instructional Strategies Instructional methods are appropriate for learners and learner goals