How can we help?

Anne Parton Reception

Anne is the smiling face at the front desk and will help answer your questions.

Holly Facilitator

Holly makes a valiant, though rarely successful, attempt at keeping John in line

John Facilitator

As with his accomplice, Tim, John makes sure the coffee is always up to snobbery standards.

Mark Morgenstern
Mark Morgenstern Facilitator

Mark is our online guru .   Some say Al Gore invented the internet.  Nope, Mark did

KC Wilderson
K.C. Jones Childcare

K.C.  loves working with the children and getting to know the families that come to CIT.


Steve Smith
Steve Smith Facilitator

Steve brings an African flavor to our staff from his years in Senegal.


Lhen Hopper Childcare

Lhen loves the babies and helps keep them happy.

Art Reagle Facilities Director

Art is our resident “MacGyver” and can fix anything.

Chip Facilitator

“We don’t have to be afraid, but we need to be alert.”

Andy Facilitator

Andy currently lives in Romania, but comes to facilitate each term. He is the master of cartoons!


Gloria Housing Coordinator

Gloria  figures out the best place for you stay at CIT and gets your apartment all ready to move into.

Kathy TCK Director/YIT Teacher

Students in Kathy’s class get to leave their footprints in the classroom!

George Director of CIT

George is the leader of this motley crew!

Loretta Finance and Reception

Loretta holds the purse..  everybody is extra nice to Loretta

Debbie Admin Assist/Registrations

Debbie is probably your first contact when getting in touch with CIT. She will answer your questions and solve all of your problems!

Tim Program Director

Tim is the self-proclaimed Director of Harassment and is the punster.

Karen Facilitator

Karen is a people-person and loves hanging out with the women in each class.


Mary Childcare

Mary absolutely loves kids and teaches the elementary age class.

Don Facilities Manager

Don is our fix-it man and can do wonders with a paper clip or bread tie.

Gina Childcare Coordinator/Pre-KIT Teacher

Gina has many years of experience as a pre-school teacher and loves using those skills at CIT.