God is moving in unprecedented ways around the world in our day! With new technologies, the movement of people to other countries, social and political upheaval, natural disasters, and economic challenges, more people are hearing and responding to the Good News than ever before. Those sent to obey the Great Commission must be ready to share the good news effectively to other cultures. This is the task of CIT!

CIT equips people and churches around the world for more fruitful and effective cross-cultural ministry. Studies have shown that when people are trained in how to understand, adapt to, and live well in other cultures they produce more fruit for the Kingdom and last longer in ministry than those without it. This is the goal for pre-field training and debrief through Learning Center, and for distance learning through CIT Next once people are in their country of service. CIT Global trains and equips people from other cultures and nations using CIT values that are adapted to those cultures. And Church Equipping equips churches for effective cross-cultural ministry both at home and abroad. This is why CIT is so important!

We are privileged to partner with at least 15 agencies who have a passion for equipping their people. Our partners believe in training and equipping, and have a vital role in making CIT the best it can be. Together, CIT is the best value in preparation and strengthening cross-cultural servants. Check out all CIT is and has to offer here on our website. Contact us if you have any questions.

See you at CIT!